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How Long For Building Control Approval?

How Long For Building Control Approval?


Are you planning to build or renovate your property and wondering how long it will take to get building control approval? Well, the answer isn’t straightforward. Depending on various factors like the complexity of your project, location, and type of building work involved, obtaining building control approval can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. In this blog post, we’ll explore some key considerations that affect the timeline for getting building control approval so you can plan accordingly and avoid any unexpected delays in your construction journey. So let’s dive in!

What is Building Control?

Building Control is the process of ensuring that any new or altered structure, building, or land conforms to applicable codes and regulations. Approval can take many different forms depending on the type of structure being built, but typically requires a permit from either the government or a governing body. The time it takes to receive approvals can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction and complexity of the project. In some cases, permits may be issued immediately while in others it may take months or even years.

What are the Requirements for Building Control Approval?

Building control approval is a regulatory process that must be followed in order for a new building or structure to be constructed. There are many requirements that must be met in order for the approval to be granted, and the process can take a long time. The following are some of the most important requirements:

1. The project must meet all local code requirements.

2. The proposed building or structure must not pose an unreasonable risk to the public.

3. The construction plan and layout must be carefully designed in order to avoid any safety hazards.

4. The building or structure must be properly constructed in accordance with all approved plans and specifications.

5. The project must be monitored regularly during the construction process in order to ensure that it meets all required safety standards.

How Long Will it Take to Get Approval?

Building permits can take a number of weeks to process, depending on the municipality and the complexity of the project. Generally, the more involved and time-consuming the approval process, the more time it will take. In some cases, permits may be approved immediately after submission; however, in most cases, it will take a few weeks for an official decision to be reached.


If you are looking to get a building control approval then the process can be lengthy but ultimately worth it. Building control approvals are essential for projects that may have an impact on public safety, such as hospitals and schools. The approval process can take many months and often involves various government officials. However, the benefits of having a building control approval far outweigh whatever minor inconvenience might be involved. So if you are planning on any kind of major construction project, make sure to seek out professional advice and have your building control approved first.