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Fully Trained Cylon BMS Engineers

Cylon Building Management System Engineers

ABB Cylon® Smart Building Solutions provide scalable automation and energy control of any size commercial or industrial building.

BMS Control Systems has a number of accredited ABB Cylon BMS System Engineers nationwide who can carry out routine maintenance and installations. Areas include: 

  • North East & West (England)
  • North West (England)
  • East Midlands (England)
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  • East of England
  • London
  • South East (England)
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  • Scotland
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What is a Cylon Building Management System (BMS)?

Cylon is a leading provider of BMS solutions for buildings of all sizes. We specialize in the design, deployment, and management of building automation systems (BAS) that improve the efficiency and safety of buildings. A Cylon BMS can help you manage your building more effectively and efficiently, from energy use to security and compliance. In this blog post, we will discuss what a Cylon BMS is and how it can benefit your business.

What is a Cylon BMS?

A Cylon BMS is a type of building management system that is designed to manage facilities and systems efficiently and accurately. It helps organizations monitor, control, and optimize their buildings by providing real-time information about the status of each system. This can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What are the Benefits of a Cylon BMS?

A Cylon BMS is an essential component of any modern building, providing real-time data on energy consumption, occupant movement, and more. Benefits of using a Cylon BMS include:

1. Increased Efficiency: A Cylon BMS can help you save energy by tracking your building’s movements and usage patterns. This information can help you identify areas where you’re wasting resources and make adjustments accordingly.

2. Improved Security: A Cylon BMS can also help you keep your building secure by monitoring activity and identifying potential security threats. This information can help you deploy security measures quickly and efficiently, protecting both the building and its occupants.

3. Real-Time Data Analysis: A Cylon BMS can also give you real-time data analysis to improve decision making in all areas of your business, including energy efficiency, security, and operations. By gaining accurate insights into your operating environment, you can optimize performance and streamline workflow.

How Does a Cylon BMS Work?

A Cylon BMS is the heart of a Cylon infrastructure, managing all resources and automating processes to provide sustained performance. The Cylon BMS not only monitors and manages the physical aspects of the environment, but also maintains an up-to-date inventory of all resources and equipment in use. The BMS also performs predictive analytics to anticipate needs and ensure optimal use of resources.

Why choose Cylon BMS?

A Cylon BMS is a type of building management system that is designed to help manage large, complex buildings. Unlike traditional building management systems, which are typically used to manage individual rooms or small areas within a building, a Cylon BMS is designed to manage entire buildings. This allows the system to track and monitor a wide range of data related to the operation of the building, including energy consumption, temperature settings, water usage, and more.

One of the main benefits of using a Cylon BMS is that it can generate comprehensive reports on all of these data points. This information can then be used to make changes to how the building operates in order to save energy and money. Additionally, because Cylon BMSes are designed specifically for large buildings, they can also be used to manage logistics and safety issues related to those facilities. For example, a Cylon BMS could be used to monitor evacuation procedures in case of an emergency.