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How to Handle Machine Failure in Facilities Management

The field of facilities management is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of a building or facility. This includes making sure that all equipment, systems, and machines remain operational and functioning correctly. Unfortunately, machine failure can occur which can lead to costly repairs and downtime.

What Causes Machine Failure

There are many factors that can lead to machine failure. It can be caused by a lack of proper maintenance, inadequate working conditions, or an unexpected increase in demand on the machine. Other common causes of machine failure include a lack of spare parts, power outages, and hardware or software malfunctions.

How to Prevent Machine Failure

To prevent machine failure, facilities managers should take proactive steps to ensure that all machinery is properly maintained and inspected. Regular maintenance and inspections can help detect any potential problems before they become serious. Additionally, facilities managers should ensure that all machinery is operating in the correct environment, with adequate ventilation and temperature control.

How to Respond to Machine Failure

If a machine failure does occur, the first step is to identify the cause of the problem. This can be done by inspecting the machine and analyzing any data or logs associated with it. Once the cause is identified, the issue can be addressed and the machine quickly repaired. If the machine is beyond repair, it should be replaced with a new, more reliable model.


Machine failure is an unfortunate but inevitable part of facilities management. To reduce the risk of machine failure, facilities managers should take proactive steps to ensure that all machines are properly maintained and inspected. Additionally, responding quickly and appropriately to machine failure can help minimize downtime and the associated costs.