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The Value of Idle Time in Facilities Management

Idle time is an important concept in facilities management. It is the time during which a facility is not in active use, such as when it’s closed for the night or on weekends. During idle time, facilities managers can take advantage of the extra hours to perform maintenance tasks and other improvements that will help keep the building running smoothly and efficiently.

Why is Idle Time Important?

Idle time is important for facilities management because it allows for the completion of tasks that cannot be done when the facility is occupied. This can include deep cleaning, painting, maintenance, repairs, and other tasks that may require a lot of time or effort. These tasks are essential for keeping the facility in proper working order and can help to extend the life of the facility.

Idle time also helps to improve security for the facility. During idle time, additional security measures can be put into place that may not be necessary when the facility is in use. This can include additional security cameras or motion detectors, or increased patrols around the building.

Making the Most of Idle Time

In order to make the most of idle time, facilities managers should have a plan in place that outlines what tasks need to be completed and when. This will help to ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner, and that the facility is kept in the best possible condition.

When planning tasks for idle time, it’s important to consider the safety of the staff who will be completing the tasks. Make sure that all safety protocols are followed, and that staff is properly trained and equipped to perform the tasks.

The Benefits of Idle Time

Idle time is a valuable resource for facilities managers, as it allows for tasks to be completed during times when the facility is not in use. This can help to extend the life of the facility, as well as ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition. Additionally, idle time can help to improve security measures, as additional security protocols can be put into place during these times.

By making the most of idle time, facilities managers can ensure that the facility is running smoothly and efficiently, and that staff and visitors are safe and secure.