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What is a BEMS Engineer?

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BMS Controls is a UK-based innovative building technology provider who specialise in delivering Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and BEMS Engineer experts. A building energy management system monitors heating, ventilation, lighting and water in buildings that are used for commercial and industrial purposes.

BEMS Engineer is a professional engineer whose job it is to rectify or service BEMS. Energy consumption and associated costs are reduced by adopting a proactive, strategic approach that ensures that plant life is prolonged and occupant comfort is maximized. As well as Trend, our BEMS engineers have also acquired extensive knowledge of other systems.

Energy-saving BEMS systems display energy data clearly on dashboards, allowing for easy measurement of the system’s energy usage. Building automation engineers (BAS) and heating control engineers (HCE) are also called BMS or BEMS engineers.

What are the Key Roles of a BEMS Engineer?

  • They assist clients in measuring and improving their energy efficiency, looking for opportunities to improve as well as save money.
  • In order to achieve the best performance from all plant equipment, they develop strategies that incorporate graphics so that the equipment can be controlled to reach its maximum potential, shutting down when the building is empty and maintaining a comfortable temperature when the building is occupied
  • Refurbishing or installing new offices and plants requires optimizing the controls to reduce possible energy leaks.
  • BEMS engineers upgrade old systems with new systems.
BEMS Engineer
How Can BMS Controls Help?

Support and maintenance services are available through us. We can provide ad-hoc support or tailored ongoing support tailored to your needs. In addition, we provide integrated remote support and BMS system monitoring, allowing us to detect issues as soon as they occur. Through thorough analysis of your building’s system, we can recommend optimal actions tailored to your building’s specific environmental conditions.