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BMS Controls Glossary

Facilities Management

Facilities management is the practice of managing and maintaining the physical environment of a building or organization. It involves the coordination of activities such as cleaning, security, maintenance, and energy management. It is an essential part of running a successful business, as it ensures that the workplace is safe, secure, and efficient. Facilities management is a comprehensive approach to managing all aspects of a building or organization, from the physical environment to the services and amenities provided. It involves the management of the physical infrastructure, such as the building itself, as well as the services and amenities, such as the heating and cooling systems, lighting, and security. It also includes the management of the people who work in the building, such as the janitorial staff, security personnel, and maintenance staff. Facilities management is an important part of any organization, as it helps to ensure that the building and its occupants are safe and comfortable. It also helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency, as it allows for better planning and management of resources.