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Understanding Air Cooled Chillers and Their Benefits for Facilities Management


As facilities management professionals are well aware, the right cooling system is key to maintaining a comfortable indoor climate and protecting the valuable equipment in a facility. One increasingly popular option for cooling systems is the air cooled chiller, which is capable of providing efficient, cost-effective cooling solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explain what air cooled chillers are and the benefits they can offer to facilities managers.

What is an Air Cooled Chiller?

An air cooled chiller is a type of cooling system that uses air to cool a facility’s interior and its equipment. Air cooled chillers work by using refrigerant to cool the air around the facility and then using fans to blow the cooled air into the facility.

Air cooled chillers are often used to supplement existing cooling systems, such as air conditioning systems or evaporative cooling systems. They can be used to cool large indoor spaces, or to cool specific areas such as computer server rooms.

Benefits of Air Cooled Chillers for Facilities Management

Facilities managers can benefit from air cooled chillers in a number of ways. First and foremost, air cooled chillers are energy efficient, which can reduce energy costs and make a facility more sustainable. They also require minimal maintenance, which can save time and money.

Air cooled chillers are also versatile and can be used to cool a variety of spaces and equipment. They are also relatively inexpensive to install, making them a cost-effective cooling solution.

Finally, air cooled chillers can provide superior cooling performance in a variety of climates. This can be especially beneficial in areas that experience extreme temperatures, such as the desert or tropics, where traditional cooling systems may not be effective.


Air cooled chillers can be a great option for facilities managers looking for a reliable, cost-effective cooling solution. They offer energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and superior cooling power, making them a great choice for facilities in a variety of climates. If you’re looking for an efficient cooling system, an air cooled chiller might be the perfect solution.