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Calculating Efficiency for Improved Facilities Management

The success of any facility depends heavily on the efficiency of the management. Good facilities management requires a deep understanding of the processes and procedures in place, as well as the ability to measure and improve the efficiency of operations. Calculating efficiency is a key component of managing a successful facility.

What Does Efficiency Mean?

The word efficiency is often used in the context of saving time and money. In the case of facilities management, it’s important to understand that efficiency is not only about these two factors. It’s also about how well the staff, the equipment, and the resources are being used. For example, if a staff member is working at a low efficiency, they may be taking longer to complete tasks or using more resources than necessary.

Analyzing Efficiency

Before you can calculate efficiency, you must first analyze the processes and procedures in place. This includes looking at the types of tasks being performed, the time it takes to complete them, and the resources being used. This analysis can help you identify areas where efficiency can be improved.

Measuring Efficiency

Once you’ve identified areas for improvement, you can begin to measure efficiency. This can be done by calculating the time it takes to complete tasks, or by measuring the amount of resources used. You can also measure the effectiveness of certain processes, such as how successful staff members are at completing their tasks.

Improving Efficiency

Once you’ve measured your current efficiency, you can begin to make changes to improve it. This could include introducing new processes or procedures, automating certain tasks, or providing more training and resources to staff. You can also use technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help identify areas where efficiency can be improved.


Calculating efficiency is an important component of successful facilities management. By understanding the processes and procedures in place, analyzing the current state of efficiency, and measuring the success of any changes made, you can ensure that your facility is running as efficiently as possible.