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Improving Boiler Efficiency for Facilities Management

The Benefits of Boiler Efficiency

Boiler efficiency is one of the most important aspects of facifacility management. Boilers are responsible for providing heat, hot water, and steam for a variety of applications. By improving the efficiency of a boiler, facility managers can reduce heating costs, reduce waste, and achieve a more sustainable energy system.

What is Boiler Efficiency?

Boiler efficiency is a measure of how efficiently a boiler uses fuel to produce heat. The higher the efficiency, the less fuel is required to produce a given amount of heat. Boiler efficiency is usually expressed as a percentage, and it can range from as low as 80% to as high as 98%.

Factors that Affect Boiler Efficiency

There are several factors that can affect boiler efficiency, including the type of fuel being used, the type of boiler, and the age of the boiler. Additionally, the quality of the installation and the maintenance of the boiler can have a significant impact on efficiency.

Improving Boiler Efficiency

Improving boiler efficiency involves evaluating current boilers and making improvements when necessary. Facility managers should check the age of the boilers, check the installation to make sure it meets industry standards, and regularly inspect and maintain the boiler to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, facility managers should consider switching to more efficient fuels, such as natural gas or biodiesel.

Tools for Measuring Boiler Efficiency

There are several tools available to help facility managers measure boiler efficiency. These include measuring the amount of fuel used per hour, checking the temperature of the exhaust, and conducting efficiency tests. Conducting regular efficiency tests can help facility managers identify areas for improvement.


Boiler efficiency is an important aspect of facility management. Improving the efficiency of boilers can reduce fuel costs, reduce waste, and help facility managers achieve a more sustainable energy system. By regularly maintaining and inspecting boilers, switching to more efficient fuels, and using tools to measure boiler efficiency, facility managers can improve the efficiency of their boilers and reduce their environmental impact.