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Understanding Complex Systems & Facilities Management

The world is full of complex systems that have to be managed and maintained. In the modern era, facilities management is a key element of keeping these systems running efficiently. This article will explore complex systems and the role facilities management plays in keeping them running.

What Is a Complex System?

A complex system is a system made up of many interconnected components, which interact with each other in order to achieve a specific goal. Complex systems have been studied for centuries, and continue to be studied today. In recent years, the concept of complex systems has become more popular, as advances in technology and engineering have enabled us to build increasingly intricate and powerful systems.

Complex systems can be found in many different areas, such as engineering, biology, economics, and computer science. Examples include power grids, ecosystems, and neural networks. While each complex system is unique, they all share certain characteristics, such as non-linearity and emergence.

What Is Facilities Management?

Facilities management is the practice of managing and maintaining the physical components of a complex system. This includes things like buildings, equipment, and infrastructure. Facilities managers are responsible for ensuring that these components are functioning properly, and that they are safe and secure.

Facilities managers use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve their goals. They must be knowledgeable in areas such as building codes, safety regulations, and project management. They must also be able to work with a wide range of stakeholders, such as engineers, architects, and contractors. Ultimately, their goal is to ensure that the physical components of a complex system are functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Complex systems are a fact of life in the modern era. It is essential that these systems are managed and maintained effectively. This is where facilities management comes in. Facilities managers play an essential role in ensuring that the physical components of complex systems are functioning properly, and that they are safe and secure. Without them, these systems would not be able to function.