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The Benefits of a BAS Temperature Sensor for Facilities Management

Facilities management is a critical part of any commercial or industrial operation. It involves the day-to-day maintenance of the facility, including the installation, repair, and maintenance of equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment in any facility is the Building Automation System (BAS). A BAS Temperature Sensor is an essential part of any BAS system.

What is a BAS Temperature Sensor?

A BAS Temperature Sensor is a device that collects data about the temperature of a building or other facility. It works by sending out a temperature signal to the BAS, which collects and processes the signal. The BAS then sends the temperature data to the appropriate personnel, who can take action if needed.

The Benefits of a BAS Temperature Sensor

A BAS Temperature Sensor provides a number of benefits to facilities management. First, it helps keep temperatures consistent throughout the facility. This is important because it helps to prevent equipment from becoming too hot or too cold, which can lead to damage or malfunction.

In addition, a BAS Temperature Sensor can help to detect potential problems before they become serious. For example, if the temperature of an area begins to rise, the sensor can alert personnel, who can then take action to prevent any further damage.

Finally, a BAS Temperature Sensor can be used to monitor energy usage. By tracking temperature changes over time, it’s possible to identify areas where energy may be wasted and make adjustments accordingly.


A BAS Temperature Sensor is an essential part of any Building Automation System. It provides numerous benefits to facilities management, including consistent temperatures, early detection of potential problems, and more efficient energy usage. By utilizing a BAS Temperature Sensor, facilities managers can ensure their facility is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.