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The Benefits of Dual Thermostats for Facilities Management

The success of any facilities management team relies on the ability to effectively balance the needs of the occupants with the operational needs of the building. In the case of climate control, dual thermostats are an increasingly popular solution to this challenge. By installing a dual thermostat system, facilities managers can maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

What is a Dual Thermostat?

A dual thermostat is a two-stage climate control system that allows for two separate temperature settings in one space. This allows for more precise temperature control, as each area can be adjusted to the desired temperature. The two zones can be set by the user to meet the individual needs of the occupants at any given time.

How Does a Dual Thermostat System Work?

A dual thermostat system is composed of two separate thermostats that are wired together. The first thermostat is the primary thermostat, and this is the one that is used to set the overall temperature of the space. The second thermostat is the secondary thermostat, which is used to adjust the temperature of the second zone.

When the primary thermostat reaches its set temperature, the secondary thermostat will be triggered and will adjust the temperature of its own zone accordingly. This allows for precise temperature control in each separate area, allowing for greater energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Benefits of a Dual Thermostat System for Facilities Management

Dual thermostat systems offer a number of benefits for facilities management teams. The primary benefit is increased energy efficiency. By separating the two zones, each zone can be set to the desired temperature, and the energy used to heat or cool that zone will be minimized. This can lead to significant cost savings for the building owner.

In addition, dual thermostat systems can also lead to improved occupant comfort. By allowing for two separate temperature settings, occupants can set their own preferred temperature, which can lead to improved comfort and satisfaction.


Dual thermostats are becoming an increasingly popular solution for facilities management teams who are looking to maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. By installing a dual thermostat system, facilities managers can benefit from increased energy efficiency and improved occupant comfort, leading to greater overall satisfaction.