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Understanding Input/Output in Facilities Management

The concept of input/output (I/O) is essential to the efficient management of facilities and resources. This article will explain what input/output is, how it’s used in facilities management, and some common applications.

What is Input/Output?

The term input/output is used to refer to the exchange of information between two devices or systems. Put simply, input is the data that is sent to a device or system, while output is the response from the device or system.

Input/output typically involves a data bus which is a physical connection between devices. This bus contains the necessary electrical signals for the devices to communicate and exchange information.

How is Input/Output Used in Facilities Management?

In facilities management, input/output is used to manage and monitor systems, resources, and equipment. This includes things like monitoring temperatures, controlling lights, or managing building access.

The input/output systems in a facility can be used to track and control a variety of resources, such as energy usage, water flow, and gas levels. This helps facilities managers to maintain the efficiency of their systems, while also helping them to identify areas where they can make improvements.

Common Applications of Input/Output in Facilities Management

Input/output systems are used in various ways in facilities management. For example, they can be used to:

• Monitor and adjust temperatures in rooms and offices
Control lighting systems and dimmers
Automate building access and security
• Monitor water and gas levels
Manage and monitor energy usage
• Track and control access to resources


Input/output is a vital component of facilities management, allowing managers to efficiently and effectively manage their systems, resources, and equipment. It can be used to monitor temperatures, control lighting systems, automate building access, monitor energy usage, and track and control access to resources.