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BMS Controls Glossary

Building Management Systems

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based system that monitors and controls the operations of a building. It can be used to manage the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security systems. The BMS can also be used to monitor and control energy consumption, providing data that can be used to reduce energy costs. The BMS can be programmed to provide alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met, such as when a room temperature exceeds a certain threshold. It can also be used to monitor the performance of the building’s systems, providing feedback that can be used to improve efficiency. The BMS can also be used to automate certain processes, such as scheduling maintenance and repairs, and to provide access control to certain areas of the building. The BMS is an essential tool for managing a building’s operations, and can be used to improve the efficiency and safety of the building.