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BMS Controls Glossary


Maintainability is the ability of a system to be kept in a serviceable condition, or the ease with which it can be maintained. It is an important factor in the design and development of any system, as it affects the overall cost of ownership. Maintainability includes the ability to diagnose and repair faults, as well as the ability to upgrade and modify the system as needed. It also involves the ability to detect potential problems before they become critical. The goal of maintainability is to reduce the cost of ownership and increase the system’s availability and reliability. To achieve this, maintainability should be taken into account during the design and development process. This includes designing the system with a focus on modularity, simplicity, and scalability, as well as using the right tools and technologies. Additionally, maintainability should be tested and monitored throughout the system’s life cycle. This includes performing regular maintenance checks and tests, as well as responding quickly to any faults or issues that arise.