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How Building Automation Controllers Make Facilities Management Easier

Facilities managers are responsible for overseeing the maintenance, repair and operations of buildings, equipment, and other assets. In order to efficiently manage their responsibilities, they must have access to reliable and up-to-date information. Building automation controllers are an invaluable tool for facilities managers, providing real-time data and automated control of a building’s systems.

What is a Building Automation Controller?

A building automation controller (BAC) is a controller that is responsible for managing the operations of facility systems. It automates the monitoring and control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and other systems within a building.

BACs are programmed to run building systems according to predetermined schedules. This ensures that systems are operating efficiently and appropriately while also reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Building Automation Controllers

Building automation controllers offer a number of benefits to facilities managers. By automating the control of building systems, BACs reduce the need for manual intervention. This saves time, allowing facilities managers to focus on other tasks.

BACs also help facilities managers to save energy by ensuring that systems are running efficiently. By monitoring energy usage, BACs can alert facilities managers to any areas where energy is being wasted. This can help to reduce energy costs.

Building automation controllers also improve safety by ensuring that systems are operating within safety parameters. They can also monitor conditions such as air quality, humidity, and temperature to ensure that occupants of the building are safe and comfortable.


Building autoautomation controllers are an invaluable tool for facilities managers. They offer a number of benefits, including reducing the need for manual intervention and helping to save energy. BACs also improve safety by monitoring conditions in the building. By utilizing building autoautomation controllers, facilities managers can ensure that their buildings are running efficiently and safely.