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The Benefits of a Maintenance Plan for Facilities Management

Facilities management is an ever-changing field that requires careful and consistent maintenance. As the demands of the industry continue to evolve, it’s essential for facilities managers to have a maintenance plan in place that can accommodate the changing needs of their building or property. With a maintenance plan, facilities managers can ensure that their buildings and property remain in good condition and remain safe and functioning for their occupants.

What is a Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan is a document that outlines the specific tasks, processes and procedures needed to maintain a building, property or equipment. It’s a proactive approach to ensuring that all the components of a property or building are properly maintained and in good working order, and that any potential problems are addressed in a timely manner.

Why is a Maintenance Plan Important?

A maintenance plan is essential for facilities managers who want to ensure their building or property is functioning optimally and is safe for its occupants. A maintenance plan can also help facilities managers save money in the long run by identifying potential problems before they become costly repairs.

The Benefits of a Maintenance Plan

A well-thought-out maintenance plan can provide a number of benefits for facilities managers, including:

How to Create a Maintenance Plan

Creating a maintenance plan can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Define the scope of the plan. Determine what needs to be maintained and how often.
  • Create a budget. Determine how much can be spent on maintenance and what needs to be done to stay within budget.
  • Develop a schedule. Create a schedule for maintenance tasks and make sure all personnel are aware of their assigned tasks.
  • Audit the plan. Regularly audit the plan to ensure it’s still relevant and up-to-date.
  • Evaluate and adjust. Evaluate the plan and adjust as needed to ensure it’s still meeting the needs of the building or property.


Having a maintenance plan in place is an essential part of any facilities management strategy. With a maintenance plan, facilities managers can ensure their buildings and properties remain in good condition, safe and functioning for their occupants. If you’re looking to create a maintenance plan, it’s important to have a clear scope of the plan, create a budget, develop a schedule, regularly audit the plan, and evaluate and adjust as needed.