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Understanding How a BAS Electrical System Can Improve Facilities Management

Today, Facility Managers are turning to Building Automation Systems (BAS) to help them manage the energy usage within their facilities. These systems are designed to monitor and control all the electrical systems within a building, making it easier to optimize energy usage and reduce costs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how a BAS electrical system can improve facility management.

What is a BAS Electrical System?

A Building Automation System (BAS) is an integrated network of controllers, sensors, and software that allow for automation and control of the electrical systems inside a building. The system can be used to control lighting, heating and cooling, access points, security, and other electrical systems. It is designed to provide real-time monitoring of energy usage and to provide data-driven insights into how a facility is being used.

How Can a BAS Electrical System Improve Facility Management?

The primary benefit of a BAS electrical system is its ability to provide real-time monitoring of energy usage. This can help facility managers identify areas of inefficiency and make necessary adjustments to reduce costs. The system can also be used to identify and address potential safety hazards, helping to ensure the safety of the facility and its occupants.

The system can also be used to control access points, allowing facility managers to restrict access to certain areas or to grant access to certain individuals. This can help to improve security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.


A BAS electrical system can provide many benefits to facility managers, from improved energy efficiency to improved security. By using data-driven insights, facility managers can optimize the use of their facility and reduce costs. Investing in a BAS electrical system is an effective way for facility managers to improve their facility management.