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How BMS Control Systems Revolutionise Facility Management

The building management system (BMS) is a powerful tool for facility management, enabling operators to remotely monitor, control, and optimise a building’s systems and environment. With a BMS, facility managers can maintain the highest levels of comfort and safety, while reducing energy costs and increasing the efficiency of their operations.

What is a BMS Control System?

A BMS control system is an integrated system of hardware and software that monitors and controls the various functions of a building’s physical environment, such as ventilation, heating, air conditioning, lighting, and security. It enables facility managers to remotely manage and monitor these systems and take corrective action when necessary.

The system consists of a range of components including sensors, controllers, actuators, and data loggers. These components are connected to a central computer, which stores the data and sends instructions to the controllers and actuators. By collecting data from the sensors and controlling the systems, the BMS can ensure that the building is kept at the desired temperature and humidity, and that the lights are on when needed.

How BMS Control Systems Benefit Facility Management?

BMS control systems can provide numerous advantages to facility managers. Here are just a few of the ways these systems can revolutionise facility management:


BMS control systems are a powerful tool for facility management, enabling operators to remotely monitor and control the building’s systems and environment. By reducing energy costs, improving comfort, enhancing safety, and increasing efficiency, BMS control systems can revolutionise facility management and help to optimise the building’s operations.